Just when we thought that this Covid thing is over, we are witnessing the rise in cases and the whole world is fighting and will have to fight for some more time to get through. The only thing now that can help all the humans on this planet to fight against this pandemic, is to be […]
After more than a year spent within the four walls of the house, fed-up by doing the same things again & again, one needs to go out there, in the nature to experience rather to get freshen up and to do something different. The curiosity to explore the natural beauty surrounding us gives us much […]
When was the last time you spoke to yourself? How often do you sit for a while doing nothing, and just thinking about YOU? Not about your career, not your family, not about any material thing, just about you and your inner self. Have you ever thought if you really are a human? In today’s […]
Having a role model in our life is very important. We start comparing ourselves and see a dream to be like our role model. If we have a role model in front of us, we discover potential within ourselves and try to become a better human than what we were before. I too have many […]
Popular messaging platform ‘WhatsApp‘ soon to reveal a feature that techies are waiting for a long time, report suggested. The feature is called ‘Multi-device login’ ,where one will be able to log-in through multiple devices with the same account. Currently, according to a tweet by ‘WABetainfo’ that tracks on latest WhatsApp features, ”WhatsApp is currently […]
2020 has been a strange year for all of us. It certainly showed us every aspect of life and what it really is. Some of us got highly affected by this Pandemic and are looking for a fresh start. And here it is. The new year is here. “2021”. Let’s have a fresh start in […]
Life, as many of us know, even often experience, shows some ups and downs. And in those bad moments, your attitude towards it makes the real difference. As once a wise man said, Every setback is a set up for a comeback. A man can achieve from Nothing to Everything. There are many people around […]
Wireless Reverse Charging Most of us have known the wireless charging, but did you know that there’s a thing called wireless reverse charging. Yes, you read it right. It is there. This technology allows you to charge something up from your mobile device now. You only need both the devices to allow wireless charging. Think […]
This Pandemic has changed the whole world. Nobody would have imagined that this year would be like this. The way we live, we travel, our routine has changed. And for most of us, the way we do our work has been changed. Rather it has been quite a different than what it used to be. […]
The word ‘organize’ is one of the most heard words by many of us, but yet it is being overlooked by most of us. In our sense, it is one those words if understood properly and applied to our daily life, it can do wonders and lead to a stress free life. Now most of […]
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